PTN Annual Meeting June 2, 2018

At the fraternity house

The PTN annual meeting will be held at the Sigma Pi Chapter house on Saturday, June 2 from 1-2PM. Lunch will be available from noon to 2 PM.

The meeting agenda is:

  • Welcome and introduction of Trustees
  • Approval of minutes from last year’s annual meeting
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Presentation on work done in the house 2015 to present
  • Future house projects and fundraising  
  • Undergraduate report
  • Q/A
  • Have an annual budget voted on by the trustees at their first meeting of the year
  • Vote on by-law changes.  A red line version of the by-law changes are at the bottom of this page.  A summary of the proposed by-law changes are as follows:
    • Increase the President, Vice president, House Manager  and Treasure’s term from one to two years, formalize notification if one of these officers will not be continuing as an officer and define suggested qualifications for these positions   
    • Increase the responsibilities of the Vice President to include fundraising
    • Allow trustees to participate in the annual meeting via teleconference
  • Vote on new trustees
    • Three (3) positions are open
    • Joe and Harry will run for another term