“Walkway to a Kitchen” Fundraising Program

Thursday, 03/08/2018
The Stove 2017-11-02

The current stove was purchased in 1972. The existing dishwasher is in good condition. We spent $1500 repairing the existing 3-door commercial refrigerator last year so it will last another 5 years or more.  The design for the renovation is underway (PDF). Key elements include a new 6-burner gas stove, new convection oven, stainless steel stove hood and exhaust system, a two-door reach-in freezer, new sinks, and plenty of storage area. 

Show your personal support for our chapter and/or memorialize a special brother by purchasing a brick for the “Walkway to a Kitchen” program. The bricks in the walkway at Institute Road will be replaced with commemorative laser-engraved bricks. The price for each brick is $150.  All profits from these sales will go towards the renovation of the House kitchen. 

Figure 1 shows an example 2-line engraved brick. We will be using the same engraving company as used by WPI for their quadrangle fundraiser.

Sample Brick
Figure 1. Sample Brick

Order now to have your brick(s) ready by the planned placement ceremony during the 2018 WPI Alumni Weekend.

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